Museum-Institute invites ...

Museum-Institute invites ... Museum-Institute named after Komitas offers educational programs for school children and other age and social groups.

Each educational program is a kind of introduction to the different layer of the heritage of the Classic of Armenian music, the Founder of the professional school of composition and other areas associated with his time and the work environment. The target of educational programs is to acquaint the audience with the life and work of Komitas, with the various manifestations of Armenian folk and sacred music, with national traditions and customs, as well as to promote the development of creative skills among the young audience.

            Recently, educational program dedicated to choral songs of Komitas was implemented successfully at the Museum - Institute. During the meeting young participants were offered to learn choral singing. In this case, knowledge of musical notation is not required. Staff of the Museum-Institute helps to master the features and challenges of polyphonic singing.
            One of the educational programs - "Ororner" ("Lullabies") - is dedicated to the Armenian folk lullaby songs. During the event, participants get acquainted with Armenian traditional lullabies, and then memorize some of them. The objective of this program is to return to our everyday life and disseminate Armenian traditional lullabies are important means of developing the initial aesthetic perception in children, stimulating their harmonious psychological development, contact with the national musical traditions as well as education in the national spirit.

            It is noteworthy that the Komitas Museum-Institute’s educational program "Ororner" was awarded in 2016 the prize of the contest of educational projects "Best Practices" of the International Committee of educational and cultural activities of ICOM and entered the top five programs.