“A fairy tale is calling us…”

                                                                “A fairy tale is calling us…”

It is the title of a new charity project of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Alexander Spendiarian, launched in June this year with the assistance of the Fund support of the theater. Offsite concerts in Gyumri and Vanadzor were organized within the framework of the project.



Favorite songs from popular cartoons were performed on the stage, and the heroes from these cartoons appeared on the screen. Young spectators guessed with great pleasure the song titles, their authors and the names of cartoons; they were awarded on the spot for the correct answers with colorful books provided by the publishing house “Zangak” (“Bell”). Everyone was in good mood. Robert Amirkhanyan’s songs from the cartoon “In the blue sea, in the white foam”, Stepan Shakaryan’s songs from “Penguin Win” and other popular songs were also performed. The artists of the Opera House, the chorus of Yerevan music school of vocal and choral art, actors from the theater named after H.Malyan and the Puppet Theatre named after H. Tumanyan, Dance Ensemble "Hayasa", as well as pop singers took part in the concert program. The fashion house "Jean-Jacques" also joined the project during the last concert and provided children with a variety of outfits of fairy tale characters, thus creating more fabulous atmosphere in the hall...


In the lobby of the theater there was an exhibition and sale of items made by children of orphanages and charities.  During the intermission the artists of the Opera Symphony Orchestra were strolling with their musical instruments and introducing the young viewers to the peculiarities of playing, they also offered them to try to play.


The project “A fairy tale is calling us” also marked the beginning of a new program – “Music education for children of orphanages, children with disabilities and children from socially insecure families”; its aim is to introduce them to music and arts, as well as to gain musical and performing skills on various instruments of symphony orchestra.


Charity concert series has given rise to another charity initiative: by the decision of the management of the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Al. Spendiarian, children from orphanages and boarding schools will be provided with one of the theater boxes free of charge for a year.