Meeting friends in Moscow

Meeting friends in Moscow

Armenian performing musicians - participants of the “New Names of Armenia” program for young were not surprised with the invitation to take part in the Moscow concert series.

They had performed in Moscow many times, and the last time was two years ago, when they performed in the Festive Hall of the Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church of Moscow on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Armenia.

During the recent years, young performers of Armenian origin from other countries, such as Russia, France etc., have successfully joint the concert tours of young talents from Armenia. Some of them have had numerous successful performances in Yerevan within the framework of eight annual International Festivals of young performing musicians.

This time as well, not only by musicians from Yerevan, but also by their peers from Moscow and the Moscow region attended the concerts series in Moscow. There were newcomers who debuted in the family of “New Names of Armenia”.

The initiator of the “New Names of Armenia” tour in Moscow was one of the leading banks – «UNICREDIT». The meeting of young artists and good friends, joint music activities, ensemble performance, as well as active on-the-spot discussions of some issues filled the atmosphere with positive vibes and conveyed a special mood to the performers and the audience.

All three concerts took place with great success, the first - in the bank hall, the second - in the Anglo-American School of Moscow and the third and the final one - again in the Celebration Hall of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Moscow.

Young artists inspired the listeners with their performances on folk instruments - duduk, canon, harp, as well as flute, clarinet, violin and piano.