The US applauses “New names of Armenia”

The US applauses “New names of Armenia”

Teenage representatives of the “New names of Armenia” project came back from the US, where they participated at the series of concerts. Representatives of the Armenian Diaspora and United States other citizens, the members of the US Congress, the World Bank, the Embassy of Armenia, the Armenian Cultural Society, the Educational Center of the Armenian Church of Washington – stood up in every hall and applauded to the young musicians from both Armenia and Russia.


For the 6th year, the CHILDREN OF ARMENIA FUND (COAF) Foundation, headed by Dr. Garo Armen, has been organizing concerts in the USA with the participation of young musicians of the "New Names of Armenia" aiming at fundraising. The amount collected from the concerts goes to the children-in-need in our country.

Last year, gifted musicians were noticed by the World Bank employees who decided to invite them to Washington in autumn 2017 for them to perform in a gala evening in honor to the 25th anniversary of cooperation between the Republic of Armenia, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This date coincided with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and the United States, and in this occasion the official reception was organized in the US Congress in Washington. The young musicians of the "New Names" were honored to make this official event more remarkable.

After the reception at the US Congress, young musicians were invited to the RA Embassy in the US, performing a mini-concert there. Afterwards gifted children were awaited in the World Bank hall. Once again, the young talents attracted the audience with their ability to perform freely on a prestigious stage in front of a great audience, extracting from every instrument charming sounds, exciting the public.

Then the "New Names" upon the invitation of the Armenian community performed brilliantly in presence of the Armenian cultural community in Washington, as well as in the educational center of the Armenian Church - by their own will. It was almost impossible to take the guys aside from music, since they were inspired by American reception and appreciation of high-ranking music connoisseurs.

Armenian Embassy and Armenian community representatives organized tours for them around museums in Washington, the Cathedral, the Kennedy Center, the White House and other sites.

"In recent years, " New Names " is getting more and more enriched with young musicians from the Armenian Diaspora of different countries. In Armenia they do not simply make friends, finding people who share their views, sometimes they find their roots too. Our children always represent Armenia on a foreign platform deservedly. We also wish to introduce the world with the talented children from  Armenian families of the Diaspora, after all, upon a close acquaintance with Armenia, they also rush to compete under Armenian flag", said the leader of the "New Names of Armenia", Honored Actor of Culture, Silva Mekinyan.