National Instruments Are On Stage

National Instruments Are On Stage

Armenian folk music has long history; as folk performing arts are famous for their rich traditions. The folk music songs, dances, folk instruments are very much beloved in Armenia.

All musical and educational institutions - from music and art schools to secondary and higher music institutions - special classes on folk musical instruments, operate successfully.

A huge work, focusing on revival and preservation of the performing tradition of folk music, on education new generation of musicians on traditional instruments, was held recently within the framework of the state program, implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and, in particular, the Fund for Cultural Education Support. Free training, the discovery of new classes, the creation of new training programs, publication of manuals, etc., all these make possible revitalization the national department of schools, revival the once-forgotten instruments, and opening new classes aimed at attracting a certain number of children to learn in these mentioned classes. Apart of that, schools began to organize a variety of ensembles and orchestras based on the folk instruments.

Therefore, the "First Pan-Armenian Contest of Folk Instruments Ensembles" dedicated to 25th anniversary of Armenia's Independence, was in a high demand. The organizers of the competition were the Armenian Music Society and the Center for Art Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia. The competition attracted a lot of interest and triggered everyone's attention. More than two dozen bands from all regions of the Armenia and from Artsakh applied for participation. Auditions took place in the concert hall "Musical Society of Armenia" and the closing ceremony and awards ceremony - "Aram Khachaturian" in the Big Concert Hall.

The main award of the contest got Ensembles of folk instruments "Narekatsi" (artistic director Artem Khachatur) and "Nova" (artistic director Hovik Sahakyan).