International Week of Fine Art Education in Armenia

International Week of Fine Art Education in Armenia The fine art education all over the world is given an important role. This is evidenced by the 36 session of the General Assembly of UNESCO. Since 2012 the fourth week of each May was proclaimed “International Week of Fine Art Education”.

Armenia joined this initiative the same year. In the period of 2012 to 2015 as much as 159 events took place in Armenia. The events targeted diverse programs, which involved around 7000 persons. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia in the framework  of  the  “International week of Fine Art Education” this year from 23 up to 29 of May 40 target diverse programs and events will take place in the capital Yerevan and in the various provinces0 of the Republic of Armenia: master-classes, educational and practical programs, quizzes on theory of Fine Arts, educational discussions, professional hearings, children's musical performances, musical and dancing concert programs, exhibitions. The animated films and cartoons for children will also be screened, as well as donations of musical literature published in the framework of public state order will take place.

Nelly Sargsyan, Head of the Fund for Cultural Education Support, and Lilia Nikoyan, Deputy Head of the Office of the Contemporary Art of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, attended the press-conference held on the occasion of the official launch of the «International week of Fine Art Education» on 20th of May in the Arno Babadjanyan Concert Hall. In the opinion of  L. Nikoyan this event for children and youth that took place in the capital and provinces of the Republic of Armenia, is a sort of final review of ongoing programs and achievements of our country, in which the large auditory will have opportunity to assess the importance of Fine Art Education, its progressive international experience, as well as all the other basis aimed at ensuring the appropriate conditions for its development, adopted as programs of the Republic of Armenia, its governmental agencies and public organizations. In her words Head of the Fund for Cultural Education Support Mrs. Nelly Sarsyan stressed the important role of every year's event of “International week of Fine Art Education” for the children’s cultural education and upbringing.

“Among the achievements of recent years the development of the active inter-cultural dialogue, development of artistic abilities and skills at youth and children, as well as the revelation of talents”, said Mrs. Sargsyan and as innovation of this year, emphasized master-classes for the specialists of music instrument.

It is notice worthy that the development of the Fine Art education one of the priorities for the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and, therefore, in a forthcoming week all programs of the Ministry, implemented currently, will be introduced and discussed.