Khachaturian’s Day

 Khachaturian’s Day Music lovers are looking forward to the 6th of June - the birthday of the great classic of music of the 20th  century-Aram Khachaturian, when the whole city has already breath in gin an atmosphere of "Khachaturian tone" since morning.

This is also a yearly ritual, a visit to the Pantheon, placing flowers on the grave of Aram, and of course a traditional city-wide contest-show for young composers-students of creative classes of music and art schools in the house-museum of the great composer, and also a grand opening night of the International competition of musicians "Aram Khachaturian" at the end of the day ... June 6,2015,13:00, House Museum Aram...the beginning of the concert of the winners of city wide competition-show of young composers "Aram Khachaturian". Once again the familiar faces of young artists, parents, teachers... Next to them the beginners, a bit anxious but happy... This year 12 young composers-participants presented their new works.

The audience was warmly supporting the first steps of new composers: "At the exhibition", "Alarm", "Morning", "Armenian dance", "Dream", "Game-joke". The hall was full of youth full inspiration, baby wit and light mood. All participants were awarded with certificates of honour of Yerevan Mayor's Office, other valuable gifts.
            Members of the jury-composers Levon Chaushyan and Suren Zakaryan, were satisfied, the future i sin skill full hands…