Young composers are on the stage…

Every year on June 6, i.e. on Aram Khachaturian’s birthday, the house-museum of the great music classic of the 20th century, opens its doors to young composers - students of creative music classes and art schools of the city of Yerevan.

Morning starts with a visit of young musicians –composers, teachers, parents, as well as famous cultural figures to the Pantheon after Komitas and laying flowers at Aram Khachaturian’s grave. A traditional concert of the winners of the competition-review of citywide young composers after Aram Khachaturian begins at exactly one o'clock in the concert hall of the house-museum.


"Autumn Song," " Game of the Cubs’ ", "3 beans", "Spring Dance", "The brook and the river" - these are the names of some plays, selected by the results of a citywide competition-review and sounded in the program of the concert of the young authors this year.

Some of the participants are known from the previous years and the others present their works for the first time. These first pieces of music revealed to the audience the simple world of a child -creator, his experiences, feelings, imagination, transmitted to the language of musical sounds. It is gratifying that young performing artists "helped" their peers, the young authors to read music by playing various musical instruments.

The task of the teacher-composer is to teach a child to write down all the conceived and heard, as well as to identify creative potential of every child and to reveal his individuality. Though it is not an easy task, some famous Armenian composers, professors of Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas G.Chtchyan, S.Shakaryan, as well as their younger counterparts A. Karapetyan, A.Kostanyan, N.Divanyan and others have been working successfully in this area.

The concert was a great success and ended with an awarding ceremony of young composers. The chairman of the jury – a composer, the Honored Artist of Armenia, the President of the Armenian Assembly of music, the YSC Professor Levon Chaushyan awarded the young composers with Diplomas.

Aram Ilyich would have been pleased...