Target program for the development of musical talent

Target program for the development of musical talent performed in 2013, with the support of Ministry of Culture of Armenia. The project aims to identify talented musicians and performers between the ages of eleven to twenty years, in order to promote their professional growth and development. The program includes the following specialties: piano, violin and cello .

This project includes a series of activities, integrated implementation of which will promote the development of the genre, an increased interest in classical music among young people, changing generation of professional artists, as well as ensuring the competitiveness of the Armenian -performing school in the international arena. 

With all participants of program, previously passed a regional selection in two rounds , on a permanent basis are working the best Armenian musicians, as consultants and invited experts.  Classes are held on the principle of open lessons. The main component part of the program is to invite foreign experts, each of which holds two-week session of workshops , which will be organized at the end of a joint concert program participants and invited experts .

 In addition to educational activities, the target program involves the provision of venues in the program, in order to acquire the relevant concert experience. Integral part of the program is to provide opportunities for young talents performances with symphony and chamber orchestras, as well as their participation in the financing of international competitions, festivals, master classes and other targeted activities and programs.

 In the frame of the Ministry of Culture "Provision of musical instruments ", the project participants are provided with necessary instruments.

 Implementation of the project is done by musical development center «Harmonium» . Artistic director of the program is a Honored Artist of Armenia, winner of international competitions, the dean of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory Professor Armen Babakhanyan.