“The week of art education” is starting

“The week of art education” is startingThe role and importance of art education is highlighted worldwide. And the UNESCO General Conference 36th Session is the very evidence of it.

Since 2012, the fourth week of the month of May of each year is declared the «International Week of Art Education». In the framework of this initiative various multi-purpose projects and activities are scheduled by the RA Ministry of Culture on May 19-31.

Gifted children are our bright future

Gifted children are our bright future...On June 1-4, 2014 Yerevan will host the fourth international festival of young musicians-performerns, organized by the program "New Names of Armenia". This time it will be dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the program.

Gyumri is inviting

The main objective of the International Festival “Renaissance” conducted annually in Gyumri since 2007 is to support the promotion of classical music, to establish new creative and friendly relations among the performing musicians of different nationalities, to familiarize foreign musicians with Armenian culture and to enable them to present their skills and national culture properly.

Calendar of events

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Subsection is devoted to the description of upcoming events in the field of arts education in Armenia.