Ashtarak Music School Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Ashtarak Music School Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Ashtarak is one of the oldest cities of Armenia. It is located on the banks of the Kasakh river. The name is associated with love and homesick in the “Swallow”- a popular Armenian song by an Armenian wanderer-pandukht, with the lyrics by Gevorg Dodohyan.

This song was commemorated at the gala evening concert dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the children's music school in Ashtarak. Back in 1957, the City Council appealed to the Armenian government with a request to build a children's music school in Ashtarak. 60 years have passed since then, and today in the very center of Ashtarak, currently the administrative center of the Aragatsotn province, stands the building of the Children's Music School, named in 1975 after the founder of the Armenian pop-jazz orchestra, amazing composer Artemy Ayvazyan.

The staff of the school, headed by the director Yeranui Chalabyan, carefully prepared itself for the glorious jubilee. On this occasion, a gala concert was held on December 3rd in the Grand Concert Hall of the mentioned school with the participation of its distinct students, former graduates and teachers of the school. The anniversary evening began with the performance of the school anthem by the choir of school teachers. Concert performances were also accompanied with the display of archival materials, as well as photos from various events - concerts, festivals, competitions, foreign tours, etc.

There was a festive atmosphere in the hall - congratulations, memories, words of gratitude - all this created a certain feeling of satisfaction with the work done.

In recent years, the school has initiated a number of activities - new special classes for various instruments have been opened, the number of students and teachers has increased. The school has become a basic educational institution of the Cultural Education Foundation of the Aragatsotn province. The best students have repeatedly performed well on various stages. The school boasts of its creative friendship with prominent cultural figures of Armenia - composers, performers, conductors ...

The anniversary evening ended with a joint performance of Robert Amirkhanyan's song “The Land of My Dreams”, accompanied by the author.