45th Anniversary of the Art School after Saryan

 45th Anniversary of the Art School after SaryanYerevan’s Art school after Lazar Saryan turned 45 years.

45 years ago, the opening of an art school in Zeytun district of Yerevan pursued the important purpose of providing art education for young generation from the remote area from the city center.

In the late 1990-s the school was named after the outstanding composer of 20-th century, national artist of USSR Lazar Saryan. Recently due to the efforts of its staff the school has become one of leading educational institutions, which sends thousands of children to the world of music, painting art, dancing and theatre. Within the framework of the project carried out by Yerevan Municipality the school was renovated and equipped with new musical instruments, opening new perspectives for further development of educational process. The new achievements of the school students are numerous victories and awards within the national and international competitions and festivals, tours abroad and active participation in Yerevan cultural life.

The school celebrates its anniversary with series of festive concerts and various events. Another anniversary concert featuring young musicians and singers of the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia took place at the House of Chamber Music after Komitas.

The concert began with festive greeting of Ms. Susanna Sukiasyan’s, the principal of the school. Many special guests, famous musicians, teachers, parents, students and graduates of the school attended the concert.

Young soloists one-by-one worthily performed being accompanied by the State Chamber Orchestra under conduction of Mr. Harutyun Arzumanyan. The festive atmosphere prevailed in the hall. Worthy performances, applause, joyful face expressions proved the success of the concert.