Abovyan City Music School After Zareh Sahakyants Celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary

 Abovyan City Music School After Zareh Sahakyants Celebrates it’s 50th AnniversaryThe school was founded in 1965 and initially operated as a branch of the Kanaker Music School after Anushavan Ter-Ghevondyan. Since 1966 it has been functioning as an independent seven-yearmusic school, the first principal became Viktoria Movsisyan.


In 1975 Babken Mkhitaryan has been appointed as a principal and hasbeen leading the school for 40 years.The current principal of the school is Marina Kirakosyan.

In 1990, up on the resolution of the government of Armenia, the music school of Abovyan city was renamed after the founder of the State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, famous violinist, Professor Zareh Sahakyants. It is already 25 years as the school honorably carries the name of this wonderfulandtalented musician.

Since its foundation, this educational institution has given more than 2580 graduates, many of whom continued their studies at post-secondary and higher educational institutions. Many graduates of the school are back in their "Alma Mater" and have launched active teaching career. A number of high school graduates work in Russia, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and the United States.

Currently, departments of piano, strings, wind instruments and folk instruments, as well as vocal, guitar and accordion operate successfully in the school. There are children's and adult choirs, string orchestra and an ensemble of Armenian folk instruments in the school. Students of the school have participated and participate in regional, national and international competitions and festivals, and gained numerous awards.

Being basic school, the school is actively involved in targeted programs and activities under taken by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia such as the"Lectureson retraining", "Educational and methodical assistance", "Master Class", "International Week of Arts Education"andother programs.

Music School named after Zareh Sahakyants is also the cultural and aesthetic center of the city of Abovyan. Since 1981, in its large concert hall had given concerts well-known musicians, singers, People's Artist of Armenia –pianist Svetlana Navasardyan and cellist Medea Abrahamyan, National Philharmonic and the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, the small Moscow Symphony Orchestra and the National String Quartet named after Komitas as well as many well-known soloists and renowned bands.