Yerevan State Choreographic College marks its 90th anniversary

                                                                                           Yerevan State Choreographic College marks its 90th anniversaryThe fact that Yerevan State Choreographic College marks its 90th anniversary impresses itself, because this esteemed age allows to recon it among the number of the oldest educational centers of Armenia.


This college, or initially simply the ballet school, counts its history back to the dawn of Soviet Armenia, to 1924, when the independent ballet studio was established. Within the couple of years this studio grew into the classified ballet school with a high level of proficiency. During nine decades the college performed as only and unique Armenian education centers that provide the ballet team of National Academic Ballet and Opera Theater named after A.Spendiarian and other theaters with the ranked ballet dancers.

Armenia’s peoples’ artists Tereza Grigoryan, Azat Gharibyan, Vanush Khanamiryan, Silva Minasyan, Frunze Yelanyan, Bella Hovnanyan, Vilen Galstyan, Norair Meghrabyan, Elvira Mnatsakanyan, Hovhannes Divanyan and many other Armenian prominent ballet dancers and tutors are amongst the graduates of the College.   

The year 2014 can be highlighted because of the number of festivities dedicated to the Anniversary College. On June the team of ethnic dance studio of the College presented a concert at the stage of the A.Spendiarian’s Theatre. The program consisted of the best staging of great Armenian masters of ballet: Azat Gharibyan, Vanush Khanamiryan and Norair Meghrabyan.

The festivities concluded on December 23 at the stage of the A.Spendiarian’s Theatre with presentation of the big Gala-concert.  At the first section of the mentioned concert the second act of the Ballet “Schelkunchik” (the Nutcracker) was performed. This choice has several justifications: apart of the genius soundtrack that belongs to the great Peter Tschaikovski, one of the main reasons is to perform a Christmas tale to kids, who dream about miracle.

The second section of the concert devoted to the graduates of the college, who perform as members of the best ballet teams in Europe, and proves with their everyday’s achievements that the Yerevan State Choreographic College deserves to renowned as world’s most high-ranking center of education for ballet dancers.  The majority of mentioned personalities specially arrived from abroad to take part at the jubilee concert dedicated to the Anniversary, thereby impressing all by their devotion and tender attitude to their Alma-mater.