“The week of art education” is starting

“The week of art education” is startingThe role and importance of art education is highlighted worldwide. And the UNESCO General Conference 36th Session is the very evidence of it.

Since 2012, the fourth week of the month of May of each year is declared the «International Week of Art Education». In the framework of this initiative various multi-purpose projects and activities are scheduled by the RA Ministry of Culture on May 19-31.

International week of art education is a unique combination of the achievements and ongoing projects in this sphere in our country. The importance of art education, foreign experience in this arena, as well as all prerequisites aimed at its developments, which are set by the RA Government, local authorities and non-governmental organizations will be focused on. The development of this sphere among the priorities of the RA Ministry of Culture and, naturally, the most widely implemented and ongoing projects implemented and patronized by the ministry will be presented during this week.