Gifted children are our bright future

Gifted children are our bright future...On June 1-4, 2014 Yerevan will host the fourth international festival of young musicians-performerns, organized by the program "New Names of Armenia". This time it will be dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the program.

“The young generation should live in peace and friendship that is why we are looking forward to meeting young musicians. Our people bear one of the oldest cultures in the world. And a sole memory of the past obliges us to a decent future. We are accustomed to say that children are our future, but we must remember that gifted children are our bright future. No matter whether it's Russia, Latvia, Georgia or Armenia, the objective is the same: not to let the talent fade away, it is a diamond foundation of any nation. And if we manage to open the hearts of many people towards young talents, these shoots will get stronger, take root and flourish for the benefit of mankind”. These words belong to Silva Mekinyan, the founder and permanent director of the program “New Names of Armenia”, RA Honored Culture Worker.

The program was established in 1989, just a year after the awful earthquake of Spitak. The main issue of the Program establishers is to search and support young talents, who are today’s new names and true artists of the future. The following creed became the basis for the project; to support talents, to help them open up and express themselves in the field of art. The program is similar to the Russian one and is closely connected with it through fruitful interaction and cooperation.

Program participants are students of musical institutions of the country, winners of international and national competitions and festivals. Concert activity of the "New Names" is multifaceted: dozens of concerts in Armenia, as well as in many countries round the world from Europe to Latin America, and the Middle East; Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Monaco, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, USA, Canada, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the UAE.

Several generations of talented young musicians have passed through the "New Names of Armenia" during a quarter century of its activity. Many of them are successfully enrolled in the most prestigious unive

About forty young performers under the age of 18, from Armenia, Russia, Canada, Cuba, Malta, Latvia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Vietnam and Syria will participate in the festival this year. Festival will be held under the patronage of the First Lady of Armenia Rita Sargsyan, supported by the Ministry of Culture, the State Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, as well as by the general partner of the festival - the mobile operator Viva Cell-MTS. Festival concerts will be held at the Chamber Music Hall after Komitas and the Grand Concert Hall after "Aram Khachaturian". Young musicians will perform with chamber and symphonic orchestras. Diverse cultural programs are also scheduled for guests of the Festival; tours on Yerevan and Armenia, a visit to Echmiadzin - the spiritual center of the Armenians, and a trip to Sevan Lake.rsities in different countries, working in well-known foreign bands. However, despite the time and distance, the relations with the program are not interrupted. Both the former participants, the so-called "old" "New Names" and the current musicians will perform within the framework of this year's festival.