I will be a violonist

I will be a violonist

Under this motto usually take place master-classes of the well-known Russian violinist-teacher, honored worker of culture, candidate of Art history Saveliy Shalman.


He worked out and in practice realized effective methodology for the development of young violinists. The method combines requirements of the highest level with accessibility for a wide range of students. It ensures their rapid progress and stimulates creative enthusiasm. Many of his students became winners and diploma recipients of various prestigious international and all-Russian competitions, concert violinists and artists of famous orchestras.

This is no coincidence that the announced master-classes of the renowned violin teacher arouse great interest among professionals in Yerevan. Master-classes were organized upon the initiative of the Fund for Cultural Education Support and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

Saveliy Shelman's meeting with Armenian young violinists and their teachers took place at the hall of the special music school named after A.Spendiaryan. For several days in a row about two dozen students from different schools presented their skills to an experienced teacher, received his priceless advices and instructions for further improvement in playing the violin, for mastering the new repertoire.

Young violinists and their teachers have many things to work on yet for a long time…