Night in the Museum

 Night in the Museum

This year the “Night in the Museum”, or “Night of Museums” took place on May 21st. The event was held upon suggestion of one of the oldest international organizations in the field of cultural heritage - The International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Since 1977 every year on May 18th the “International Museums’ day” brings together over 30 thousand museums of 5 capitals of the world and calls for events and taking initiatives in the framework of the proposed theme of the year. Every year unique theme of the event is proposed, which allows emphasizing the multifaceted activities of museums. This year's motto was “Museums and cultural landscapes”.

“Night of Museums” has been launched in 2005, under the auspices of ICOM, UNESCO and the Council of Europe.

The event aims at raising role of museums in the social and cultural life of society, at creating the environment promoting the popularization of the museum showpieces.

This year in Spring more than 112 current museums of Armenia opened their doors. On 21st of May from 18:00 till the midnight the museums, participating in the event, accepted all their visitors for free. The same was on 18th of May, on the International Museums’ day.

During these two days the museums opened their doors for the public and presented diverse and special events, which allowed to cast a retrospective glance at the centuries - old-history and cultural heritage of Armenian people.

It is noteworthy that museums proposed various initiatives trying to make the evening unforgettable and interesting for visitors.

The aim of this event was to emphasize once again the value of cultural heritage, to synthesize different kinds of art in the museum environment and to provide a pleasant cultural environment.