Under the “Shadow” of “Three Palms”

Under the “Shadow” of “Three Palms”

Starting from 2014 the Cultural Educative Program “Three Palms” is held in the House-museum named after Alexander Spendiaryan, the renowned Armenian composer. The program targets young visitors of the House-museum – students and pupils of schools and special music colleges.

The Program aims at popularization of the classic of Armenian symphonic music Spendiaryan, and larger introduction of the symphonic masterpiece of the author titled “Three Palms”, which was created in 1905 upon impression of the poem titled “Three Palms” by the Russian Poet M.Lermontov. One of the main purposes of the Program is to educate young visitors through passing them the human values, exposed by the poet and the composer.  

Especially for this program upon the initiative of director of the House-museum Ms. Marina Otaryan, the animated movie based on the topic of the Lermontov’s poem accompanied with the sound track by Spendiarov was created by young musician Shant Roubinyants.

Young visitors of the House-museum first attend the story of great composer’s life and story of his masterpieces. Afterwards, during the special excursion throughout the Museum they familiarize themselves with details of exhibits related with the “Three Palms” symphony.  They can see the first edition of the notes dated 1907, the so called “Spendiarophone” – a musical instrument, created by composer himself in order to make sound of the caravan’s procession, and, of course, outlines of the suits used during the first performance of the “Three Palms”.

Young visitors especially love playing the Spendiarophone, and the majority falls in love with opportunity to conduct the symphonic orchestra provided them with help of the “Virtual Conductor” game. The excursion normally ends in comfortable show room of the Museum where young visitors can see the above-mentioned animated movie, and exchange their impressions and discuss some ideas with each other or with their tutors.