Musical literature editions undertaken by the government order

Publishing program of musical literature, carried out by the Ministry of Culture in 2008, appreciated by specialists as a successful and fruitful project. The program is implemented with the assistance of a professional expert council to the Minister of Culture. The Council , in particular, is authorized to review applications and make a list of published books, which in turn is a guarantee of professionalism and relevance of published literature.

Particularly one have to pay attention to publications aimed at the solution of problems in the system of art education - teaching aids, textbooks, educational, scientific and educational literature, as well as scientific works in the field of Armenian music , scientific and academic research and multivolume editions depicting Armenian folk music heritage , works of contemporary Armenian composers .

Since 2008 government programs published 187 titles of musical literature (2008 - 32 2009 - 29 2010 - 40 2011 - 34 2012 - 26 2013 - 25).

Edition carried the following categories:

  1. Training manuals (sylabusys) and collections, designed for educational institutions in the field of art education.
  2. Scintific Research Literature
  3. Works of modern Armenian composers
  4. Publishments confined to the anniversaries and events

Published literature is available free of charge at educational institutions in the field of art education and libraries RA .