About us

«The Web-Observatory on Arts Education in the CIS countries» is an Internet Portal, which is developed within the framework of the UNESCO/IFESCCO project “Arts Education in CIS Countries: Building Creative Capacities for the XXI Century”.

All the experts form the participating countries are the authors of the documents, which are put on the website. They also prepare and develop the content of the Observatory and represent its interests within the professional communities of their countries and contribute to its quality and to his information richness.

The Observatory is an information resource that provides access to basic international documents about arts education, the content of the UNESCO world conferences on issues and prospects of the arts education and education through art, documents regulating the activities in the field of arts education in CIS countries, analytical reports issued during the implementation of the above-mentioned UNESCO/IFESCCO project by 10 involved countries, as well as to the latest news about projects, events, research, publications, communities and information about the participating countries.

At the Second Regional Expert Meeting on Arts Education in the CIS countries (May 23-26, 2013, Minsk, Belarus) nominated experts form CIS countries, signed a Memorandum of Expert Cooperation which identified the Institute of Art Education of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) as the General Coordinator of the Observatory, performing the role the site administrator.

Information portal of the Observatory is based on hosting provided by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

In future, the Observatory will be included in the UNESCO observatories network, which act as clearing houses, collecting, analyzing, re-packaging and disseminating resources on arts education, with the objective of supporting advocacy processes and influencing policy making on Arts Education.

Considering the role of the Institute of Arts Education of RAE in development of arts education and the signed Memorandum on Expert Cooperation, to learn more about the Institute please continue reading. 

Federal State Scientific Institution “Institute of Arts Education” of the Russian Academy of Education is the Scientific-Research Institution with deep roots and rich history in the system of the Russian Academy of Education and is considered to be a unique institution specializing in the issues of arts education. For 70 years of its existence the Institute has made a great contribution to the study of the issues of the development of arts education. During its history, the leading professionals from various areas of the arts, scientists and teachers contributed to the development of arts education.