The Second Regional Expert Meeting with international participation “Issues and Prospects of Arts Education and Education through Art in CIS countries: Building Creative Capacities for XXI Century” dedicated to the celebration of the International Arts Education Week (4th week of May) took place on 23-26 May 2013 in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus. The Regional Expert Meeting organized by the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts in partnership with the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and in cooperation with the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office and the UNESCO Office in Tashkent.

Leading specialists in the field of arts education from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan along with international experts and representatives from UNESCO, IFESCCO, International Society of Education through Art  (InSEA) and the World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) took part in this meeting.

The Second Regional Expert Meeting arranged with a view to promote achieved results in regard to the cultural policy development with consideration of international documents, including the UNESCO “Road Map for Arts Education” and the “Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education” with a special emphasis on the follow-up of Recommendations developed under the second stage of the UNESCO/IFESCCO pilot project on Arts Education in the CIS countries.

The Meeting aimed at reinforcing professional partnerships and networking of the involved countries for the capacity-building in the fields of arts education and education through arts, in particular  focusing on implementation of the  “Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education” (adopted at the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education in May 2010) and with consideration of the Concept of Education in the Field of Culture and Arts of the CIS Member States and the Recommendations on Legislative Provision of the Development of Arts Education in the CIS Member States (adopted at the 34 Plenary Session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member States on 7 April 2010).

At the Second Regional Expert Meeting on Arts Education in the CIS countries (May 23-26, 2013, Minsk, Belarus) nominated experts form CIS countries, signed a Memorandum of Expert Cooperation which identified the Institute of Art Education of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE) as the General Coordinator of the Observatory, performing the role the site administrator.

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