Analytical Review was prepared in the framework of the UNESCO/IFESCCO Project. There a model of arts education environment of the CIS countries was introduced; tendencies for its further development were recorded. The Analytical Review prepared in partnership with the Scientific and Methodological Institution “National Institute for Education” of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus in consultation with the national experts on arts education of the CIS Member States.

The Analytical Review gave an opportunity to record uniqueness of arts education in the CIS countries, the developmental potential of which is rooted in the continuity of educational models of Soviet times and originality of national cultural traditions. The review reflects the current state of the arts education systems in the CIS countries, the potential of arts education for solution of urgent challenges of modern times is characterized. The materials give a broader idea of the general and peculiar in arts education of the CIS countries, which is characterized by safeguarding academic traditions, revival of the traditional culture and innovative development in line with educational tendencies peculiar to modern society. Besides, the analytical review gives a chance to get an idea of the peculiarities of mutual influence of educational models characteristic for European and Asian regions of the CIS.

Analytical Review (PDF)